Safety instructions

Please pay attention to the following important points before and during your tour:

  • Please be at the meeting point on time; if you can’t make it, please call us immediately.

    We brief all drivers at once and can’t do individual instruction in the scheduled time-frame.

  • Please bring your ID-card, driver’s license and voucher to the meeting point.

  • Even on Teneriffe the weather doesn’t always stay the same; sometime’s it can get chilly on the mountain. Pay attention to suitable clothing and firm shoes, as well as sun glasses if needed. We don’t break speed records but rather cruise at moderate speed, nevertheless you shouldn’t underestimate the head wind.

    If there should be any rain, we will provide rain gear.

  • We provide the under helmets, helmets with folding leaf sight, intercom, rain gear (if needed), gas and water. If you need anything else you should take care of that before the tour.

  • Each trike is equipped with a lockable luggage box, where you can store personal belongings like bags, extra clothing, your wallet and / or other accessories.

  • Your tour guide briefs all driver’s on how to handle the trike and points out distinctive features. Plaese pay close attention to his instructions, he is responsible for the group and makes sure it’s fun for everybody.

  • If there are multiple passengers on a trike, the driver is determined during the booking process. A change of drivers during the tour is, due to insurance policies, only possible with an extra booking.

  • Passengers need to be at least 6 years old. Up to the age of 10 an adult is needed to sit next to the child.

  • The pedals of our trikes are adjustable in height, nevertheless you should be at least 1,65 m tall to be able to sit in a comfortable position.

  • Your guide determines the route and speed. Deviations from the pre-planned tours is not possible.

  • Please do always pay attention to your front driver and keep enough safety distance.

  • To secure a relaxed, consistent rhythm please make sure your style of driving is forward-looking. It is prohibited to fall behind in order to catch up with increased speed.

  • The total weight of all passengers on one trike shouldn’t be more than 240 kg.

And most importantly: Have fun!!

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